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Troiano Oil Company

3rd Generation Family Run-Business for over 80 Years

In this fast paced society with trying to figure out how all your daily activities will be completed in a 24-hour period, who has the time or desire to worry about heating and cooling your home during the year? Join the Troiano Oil Company family and let them take that burden away and do the worrying for you.

For more than 80 years, Troiano Oil has been providing its valued customers with the stress free, prompt oil delivery and exceptional services at the low cost they deserve.

How can Troiano Oil provide you and your loved ones with low prices and quality fuel oils, you ask?

As a full service company, Troiano Oil sells, installs and maintains all types of burners, heaters, boilers and air conditioning sales, service and maintenance. With one phone call Troiano Oil is helping you to save time, money and unnecessary frustrations all year round.

Troiano Oil has leaped even further in the race to find dependable, excellent service by providing its customers with a 24-hour emergency service team, available seven days a week for any problems that should arise. All service technicians are highly trained to provide quality service at a faster response rate.

Troiano Oil’s family also understands your family’s concerns with unexpected high heating and cooling bills during extreme weather conditions. To help alleviate these worries Troiano Oil offers budget plans for set payments throughout the year as well as Senior Discounts, Volume Discounts and Capped pricing oil contracts.

Reliability, courtesy and professional service!

Troiano Oil prides itself on its philosophy of supplying its customers with the reliability, courtesy and professionalism that they expect.

Call today at (860) 745-0321 and be on your way to a simpler more cost efficient lifestyle that will keep you and your loved ones headache free. When you use Troiano Oil, you and your loved ones become part of our family, providing for them the best care and support we can.

Frank Troiano and Anthony Troiano, Jr.

Troiano Oil Company
777 Enfield Street
Enfield, CT 06082
(860) 745-0321

LIC # 302317
LIC # 207367
HOD # 115