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Service Plans

Troiano Oil Company offers quality service plans to meet your needs (PDF).

Our Basic Plan includes a full tune-up, plus coverage on listed parts.

Burner Replacement Parts

  • Burner Coupling
  • Burner Fan
  • Burner Flange Gasket
  • Burner Master Control
  • Burner Motor**
  • Cad Cell Assembly
  • Cad Cell Wires
  • Electrode Assembly
  • Electrodes
  • End Cone
  • Flare Fittings
  • Ignition Transformer (Carlin, Beckett)
  • Ignition Transformer Gaskets
  • Ignition Transformer Terminal
  • Nozzle
  • Nozzle Assembly
  • Nozzle Line
  • Porcelain Insulators


  • Cad Cell Eye
  • Emergency Switch
  • Thermostat (Manual)
  • Switching Relay (Single)

Fuel Supply Parts

  • Firomatic Burner Valve
  • Fuel Filter Cartridge***
  • Fuel Filter Cartridge Gasket
  • Fuel Filter Complete
  • Fuel Pump – Single Stage
  • Fuel Pump Bleeder
  • Fuel Pump Couplings
  • Fuel Pump Fittings
  • Fuel Pump Gasket
  • Fuel Pump Strainer
  • Oil Line Fittings (Exposed)


  • Glass Guage
  • Glass Gauge Washer

Warm Air Systems

  • Blower Fan Belt
  • Fan Control
  • Limit Control
The Extended Plan provides our most comprehensive coverage and includes everything covered by the Basic Plan, plus the addition of the following major parts and services.

Burner Replacement Parts

  • Aquastat – A or C
  • Blower Valves
  • Blower Wheel
  • Thermostat (non-programmable)
  • Diffuser
  • Primary Control – Single
  • Low Voltage Transformer
  • Oil Line Valve (exposed)
  • Smokepipe

This plan also includes these services:

  • Bleeding/venting of baseboards or radiators during the annual tune-up (if necessary)
  • Adjust boiler pressure during tune-up
  • Adjust water level during tune-up
Our Oil tank Protection Plan provides coverage in the event you have a leak with your oil tank.

Replacement of your 275 or 330 gallon above ground oil tank with same size tank.

Does not include bringing existing piping ID current buiding code.

This is only a brief summary. Please refer to your separate Tank Protection agreement for full terms, conditions and limitations.

This plan may be purchased separately. You must be on automatic delivery.

Coverage limited to $1,500 on replacement cost only.

Coverage includes burner parts, controls, and emergency switch.
Tune-up of the burner is included and will be performed in conjunction with tune-up of your heating system.This coverage is only available for oil-fired water heaters and must be purchased in conjunction with a heating system plan.

The following applies to the Basic/Extended Plans:
* For homes with more than one thermostat-circulator-zone, an additional $20 will be charged for each thermostat-circulator-zone.
** One standard displosable set per year, per tune-up
*** Excludes 1725 Burners – ALL PLANS
**** Does not includes Garber fuel filters

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